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The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people ... Th. Jefferson

Talking about our Liberties 2011

This content was from our site in 2011 - this is when we felt our liberties were in jeopardy. It is important to note that things have only gone from bad to worse. in a decade, with a glorious 4 years of President Trump trying to make America great again, after 8 years of Obama. But the plan to bring down America, to create America as a third world country and thus usher in the Great New Deal or New World Order as we hear or read about is back in full force.

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Talking About Our Liberties

An educated people are a free people, know and understand what your government, courts and others are doing to threaten your freedoms by whittling away at your Constitutional rights. Knowing what we expose to you and becoming proactive shall keep you free.

Regulations and Mandates are the good or bad?

Are regulations and mandates purposely done for control, turning us into victims and criminals?  YOU DECIDE.....

On the surface one may believe regulating and mandating citizens to behave within certain ways would be good, after all such regulations and mandates would assume to prevent something bad. Right?  What happened to common sense and accountability?  Shall we assume somewhere during the course of centuries of our founding, common sense and accountability were lost, or could it be corruption has found a new niche, one so obscure no one dares even believe it so. 

It is quite true, common sense and accountability appear lost, yet within us all they remain or could be stirred once again into common practice. What has taken place in order to allow us the assumption of them being lost?

A very corrupt sect of our political arena decided the people would become too ignorant for their own good, therefore regulations and mandates put into place directed at controlling the citizens rather than actually helping them appeared in our daily lives.  We were told how to eat, drive, shop, play, learn, speak and work to name some of the many instances regulations and mandates changed our lives. Before the mandates and regulations every citizen thought for themselves, if a mistake be made, it was our own fault, we dealt with the consequences.  No one told us what to eat, told us not to put this chemical into our food or not to eat too much of one thing but no enough of another; do not put your child to bed with flammable materials such a cotton, but put them to bed in a chemical laden fabric; don't tell your child to study harder but tell him whatever he does is okay thus creating a non-competitive atmosphere of learning, the smart kids dumbed down, the slower kids felt better; we cannot drive drunk or we might kill someone so lets regulate the sale of alcoholic drinks after all those seeking it will not find it after 8 o'clock; let us no forget to tax and regulate tobacco that will surely stop youngsters smoking; some people just do not feel good about themselves and rather encourage growth and achievement it would be far better to regulate and mandate what words we can use, change the English language to make everyone feel warm and cozy inside, yet who really feels that way, certainly not those called victims, they feel worse, they have been made victims rather than standing strong in spite of something. 

Do we not see the pattern of corruption and control upon our lives? Where is our liberty? We have allowed corruption entry into our very free lives, taking away piece by piece our America and what do we have left; clearly not a free country where the pursuit of happiness occurs, No longer can one pursue happiness it must be given to them, in fact mandated to all those who appear in need of happiness. How can one be happy when not free; you cannot and no mandate, no regulation will do so.  Common sense dictates we are a wise people, one able to think clearly and with great wisdom, we need only open our eyes and decide when enough is enough.

When everyone including dairy farmers are regulated beyond common sense and accountability can we assume the government is doing so with the intent not to save us from harm but to harm us? I believe farmers have been known for common sense, they understand the risks and deal with it everyday, they love the earth, love agriculture and know their work is the back bone of America. If you want to bring something down, every one knows, break its back and it will come toppling down; what better way to bring us down to our knees, having us beg the government for help but to break the back bone of America, the farmers.  Begin regulations on farming, begin with their equipment, regulate every aspect of their lives, and do not forget to regulate how to handle milk; this product could be dangerous, or is it? We drink it, our kids grow up on it, a good wholesome part of our lives; well so we think or they want us to think. The EPA recently (June 2010) decided to begin regulating milk spills as hazardous waste, as milk contains animal fat (cream is the fatty part of the milk) and that fatty substance contains oil; therefore milk when spilled creates an oil spill thus needs proper containment and proper disposal. My dear patriots every farmer knows well enough to call in the farm cats for a good free meal yet such a simple procedure cannot be done, only specially trained personnel can  be called in for such a job. See this archived article.

Do you understand the concept of a silent takeover of a people in love with freedom and liberty? Done well enough, it becomes almost unbelievable to the naked eye, yet with enough wisdom you may see clearly what is happening.  Do we say no more, do we stand up and cry, enough is enough.



History repeats itself or is it?

History is known to repeat itself when people do not learn from it to prevent the same occurrences to repeat. Yet there is another thought process that must be looked upon: what if the result of a past occurrence was thought to have been eradicated had not? The we must follow this thought..... if it had not been eradicated and it had continued then history would not be repeating itself, it would be continuing, perhaps secretly until it could gain strength or discover the ripe moment to overtake once again. Sounds bizarre or science fiction doesn't it?

This is however exactly what is happening .... a remnant from World War II, the worst remnant, Nazism is quite alive and well. Now before you say - oh no - neo- Nazism propaganda! Stop the thought! We are not talking weird conspiracies, we are not talking skinheads or Nazi extremists. We are talking about a group that was the 5th column of Hitler's army that after the war was used by the British to stop Israel from becoming the state of Israel in 1948 and continued it's existence so far into the future that the United States used them as well. Hitler had embraced a monster, helped create a monstrous group of killers and the Brits and the U.S. allowed this monstrous group to exist, even cultivated it. Now the monstrous group is so strong it is ready to come eat the hand fed them --- US!

Who are these people? What are they about to do? Who is behind them? Who let it happen? All these questions and more are answered in a complete fact filled book. Every Jeffersonian can read it - a must read - a give me liberty or we will die book - so join up - it will be in the meeting room.


Freedom of speech - is it dead?

I constantly see signs that the American people are waking up and realizing their freedom of speech has been whittled away, controlled or taken away in some cases.  Americans want to speak up, tell their opinions and they want their opinions heard.

This restoration of America is all about We the People.  When Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence it was his intent to give all men ( that means human's) certain rights which would keep them free, happy and prosperous. It is the Jeffersonian's intent to make sure all rights are upheld and indeed a free, happy, prosperous nation shall remain.

But has time changed so that all within all our genes only controlling attributes are bred?  The leftists, the liberals, the democrats, any combination thereof are to be expected to crave control; demand it should the need arise. The restoration, the tea party, the patriot - 'movement' as it shall be called are they too of the same breed? Is this movement not demanding fairness, equality, liberty and freedoms for all?

The true grassroots of this movement are We the People. The Americans that work each day, pay the taxes, look for jobs, hold their families together and all praying for the American dream to return; they are from another breed. The breed that builds this nation, the breed that fights for this nation, the breed binds this nation have genes of steel, with nucleus of love. The true grassroots are the Jeffersonians of today, they believe in the Constitution and will fight for it for their generation and every generation thereafter.

Yet, true to form leaders emerge from a cloudy mist to head every sector of each movement. They emerge because they are not just strong, assertive but because they too have the control genes within them. They cease the moment to make themselves the center point. Beware of such leaders, they are not connected to We the People. Their intentions begin innocently, they begin their quest for freedom and too soon they begin their control.

As the restoration movement quickens it pace so too you find the leaders of many parts becoming increasingly controlling. Those that follow such groups, become part of such groups discover soon they must follow the leader or be labeled a traitor to the movement. We the People are unable to demonstrate through speech their views should they be different from the leader. Is this demonstrating fairness, freedoms and rights for all? Surely it does not.

How then can we succeed in our movement should it too be flawed whereas We the People are not going to obtain a true restoration of the Constitution?  It is We the People that needs to stand up not only to those willing to destroy America and send us back into the 7th century but to also stand up to such leaders making them accountable for full restoration.

Our founding fathers would speak for their people, they listened to their people [of each state], bringing their thoughts, concerns and desires to the Congressional assemblies in PA. Each state was represented, all people felt well represented and in the end they worked tirelessly to create the republic. Their work was indeed laborious. They sacrificed greatly.

Our job through the years was to keep what was given to us. Through complacency and leniency we have moved far from our gift of independence. We have replaced freedoms and rights with laws and decrees of correctness. Happiness and prosperity has been taken over by worry, entitlements and taxes.

Today we seek restoration of our dream, the independent republic with the supreme law protecting us. It is We the People that seek this, desire it, crave for it.  In order to restore the most perfect union we must therefore bind once again together as We the People and in unison [with no true leader]. Whomever becomes our leader shall spring up from the roots of We the People and shall not emerge from the cloudy mist.   


Why is our constitution so important? Well let us explain this as simply as the Constitution ...... We the People were given rights at the start of this great nation, those rights are yours to keep and no one has the power to take them away. If you do not know your rights, how can you know if someone is taking them away? So, go find out ...... read the Constitution here, then learn more by going here ...... then stand up and support it. How simple is that ... 1, 2, 3 --- simple, yet it will be the best three steps you ever took.

Many Americans are accepting the changes taking place by our government today because they do not know the supreme law that protects them. What a shame not to know your rights and freedoms and then because you did not know them, they were taken away. What is worse is the very fact that the government knows full well what they are doing and they are directly taken advantage of the peoples lack of knowledge. In many cases government officials, politicians to be exact, do not want the American people to know their rights, they want people to stay ignorant to the Constitution so they can easily take every right away one by one until they have complete control over all of America. Some in the news are quoted as saying they do not give a ........ about the Constitution, What does that say about your government. I sounds like they already think they have taken us over.

But We the People can do something about it. We have rights and they have not nullified the Constitution yet. They have not burned it or destroyed it ..... yet. But it is coming if we do not stop it now. As the Constitution comes to your state - go there. meet it.. support it and make sure everyone you know goes too. It is our chance to show the government that we KNOW it is our supreme law and NO ONE will take it away from us.

Give me liberty or give me death.... those words hold strong even today as many Americans are putting their personal lives on hold in order to help onto this free republic called the united States of America. Don't Tread on Me ..... these words first introduced to our founding fathers by Benjamin Franklin created the disjointed snake, calling for states to unite and as a symbol that the rattle snake would not stop the fight once he had begun it ... such as they did, such as we will..... then Gadsden created the famous revolutionary flag with the rattler as one, united now and with a bright yellow background, and those famous words. Today we will unite and we will keep the fight until the fight is won. Join, unite with others until America is saved once more.

Now Read about our Liberties today.