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The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people ... Th. Jefferson

Talking About Liberty

Here we are 2023. Our liberties have only been attacked more since 2011 when I first discussed and asked for redress of violations of our liberties that we as Americans hold dear to our hearts.


 "The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave." Th. Jefferson 1820 to Richard Rush









Talking About Liberty

If you have not read our liberty page from 2011 please read it to understand the changes and similarities.

By definition Liberty is a quality of being free with the power to do as we desire without restraint so long as it is not in interference with others having the same liberty.  It gives us freedom from despotic control giving us a positive enjoyment of life, social, political, economic  and religious choices. With LIBERTY we have freedom!


Today we hear nothing by MANDATES - what is a mandate?

It is an official or administrative command or requirement given to people for the purpose of requiring them to obey that which is mandated.

Is a mandate a law?

A mandate although not passed by Congress, still carries the same legal requirement that it be followed and will be the law of the land until it expires, is cancelled or revoked.  The President is given authority to issue Executive Orders, or directives, and most having sunset clauses giving them expiration dates. Mandates can then expire, or can be revoked through courts if found to be unconstitutional.

There are many law experts that have reviewed the mandates that Biden, acting President, has put upon the citizens; and have concluded his mandates are unconstitutional.

Because the mandate regarding our health, and making demands upon citizens to have no choice over their bodies such mandates therefore are against our constitutional rights and liberty. Forcing people to invade their bodies with unknown injections without any testing is considered experimental and therefore to force such injections to citizens is against the Nuremberg Code.

Common sense - where did  it go?

So what about common sense, our moral instincts? I have talked for a decade about common sense and our moral obligations to our God so what happened? I believe patriots still hold each but whoever governs or sets up government programs, mandates and laws do not practice common sense and their morals are completely gone. But why people ask. Simply, it is not that they forgot or lost it, the answer is that they sold out to an evil agenda. We have entered into war of good against evil. Politics today is just another word for the war against the people. The average person doesn’t even see it happening.

This evil group has been aptly named, the Deep State, for the place their souls reside, deep down into the pits of hell.  Wherever hell is they are there. If we don’t want to be labeled as a conspiracy theorist by using ‘Deep State’ I will call them Dark Siders. Those that follow their propaganda because they are deceived are lost sheep or brainwashed. Dark is absent of Light, God is Light, therefore anyone taking our freedoms, taking our liberties has no Light within, they are Dark. You can recognize anyone from the Dark Side by simply saying to yourself – Would God do this? – the answer will tell you – Dark Side  or the Light side.



The Dark Siders – knew exactly how to use their corruption to control the people without being noticed.  Read any document regarding Marxism. If you have ever listened to the interview with Yuri Bezmenov, the Russian defector, listen carefully again, if you have not, you need to listen to him. The Dark Siders have clearly understood the KGB and Marxist playbook. Listen Here.

Gaining control of the people was easy, when you follow the rule book for communism. Get the people to believe what you are doing is for the good of the people, set up agencies to make the people believe the agencies are for the good and security of the people. Do this over and over again, take a liberty from them in the name of ‘for the good of the people’. The greater good will be pounded into the heads of the people until they believe willingly and without question.

Regulations on products, those warnings to tell you not to do this or that, done enough times over years; people will believe it is for their own good. The people never have to think for themselves. People are told how to how to eat, drive, shop, play, learn, speak and work. Before they ‘fooled’ us with their mandates, and regulations we actually thought for ourselves and used our common sense regularly. If we made a mistake, it was how we learned not to do something, we discovered there was accountability for our actions.  Introducing us to simple warnings, like: HOT -caution this might cause a burn, or don’t drink and drive, or don’t leave your child in the hot car – simple warnings advertised as a public service for the good of all, to save a life seemed non-intrusive. But were  they? Or were they used to get us used to having the government control how we thought? You are right if you say – it was the beginning of intrusive government.

 Once they got us to believe the three letter agencies were good for us, the Dark Siders  began to dumb us down. Using the education industry they aimed their propaganda on the children. Tell the children how to think, take away competition so all children felt equal. Exceptional children were not given the attention they should have been given; likewise, slow learners were not singled out to get the help they needed. All children across the board were neglected but the agencies told us this was for the good of all.

 People continued to believe their narrative.

 Soon they introduced us to political correctness. What is that? Is there anything that is politically right or wrong? Absolutely not! Politics does not belong in with common sense or moral correctness. We instinctively know we don’t hurt a person’s feelings, we don’t publicly insult someone. But the Dark Siders now having a large base of  knew by now the public was easily persuaded to accept their narratives. Their political correctness blossomed during the Obama years, making it wrong to use certain names, changing the way we could write or speak. Anyone that used the words were labeled racist or discriminators and the person the word was used towards were victims.  Did it work? Did this make people feel better about themselves? No. People became slaves to the narrative. Common sense, natural moral instincts were smothered by planned Marxist mandates. The so called 'victims' learned to use this new found attention to gain access to funds and undeserved accessibility to places.

Do you see the planned corruption? Somewhere during these years of pushing their narrative they were able to whittle away at our liberties, freedoms given up in the name of good of all. Do we remember what Benjamin Franklin once said?  "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."  We have given up liberties because we falsely believed doing so was going to give us some necessary security. But did any of those mandates, regulations or political correctness make us more secure for giving up any freedom? No.

We were deceived for the purpose of taking us over. It is done slowly so you don’t notice. One day you wake up and all your freedoms are gone. You ask – where did all our freedoms go? The great deceiver taught the Dark Siders well. There is Nothing good in their plan.

Are you beginning to understand how our liberties were taken from us? Today we hear about being ‘awaken’, to open our eyes to see what is happening. If we are to save and restore our freedoms and liberties we were born with and our country built upon such foundation, we need to stand up, shout out enough is enough.

 The Dark Siders have been planning the takeover of the world for decades upon decades. During World War II there was in Germany a group called the 5th column.  They were supported by the UK and the USA. In 1948 they were used to try and stop the foundation of Israel but as we see that was not successful but trust me they did not stop, continuing their evil dark plans.

What is a 5th Column? This is very important to know because that is exactly what the supporters of the Dark Siders are. By definition a 5th Column is a clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal. 5th-column activists exploit the fears of a people by spreading rumours and misinformation, using espionage and sabotage as needed. Does this sound familiar? Is this what we are experiencing today? Yes it is. Right out in the open and most don't even know it. You do now

This group has developed into the Dark Siders as we call them today. They are worse as this faction of evil people, doing the bidding of the Great Deceiver, are tearing apart the spiritual fabric of the world. It is world-wide.  These Dark Siders are the politicians, the heads and members of the three letter agencies; believing in and giving away their souls for money and fame. Their narrative and plans have trickled down to our local communities. The locals listen to what the agencies tell them, believe it without stopping to think –‘Would God do that?’  or ' Is what I am about to do in keeping with our Constitution? Those that do not ask, do things blindly are about to find out there is accountability to their actions. Obeying orders just because someone tells you does not absolve you of the guilty actions you have done. If you are put into this position, remember well for every action you do there is accountability, you cannot hide from God. 

When we first rewrote the Declaration of Independence in 2011,  we had many grievances. A decade ago things were falling apart quickly but the people did not open their eyes enough. He was even given a second term. If you thought voter fraud is new, think again. The Dark Siders planned it. Many patriots were just waking up, they saw the corruption and tried to vote out corrupt politicians. But what the majority of the patriots did not see was the depth the evil. There were patriots with eyes wide open that knew and had a plan of their own, in fact, this Light Side had been operating for decades, nearly 40 years as I can tell. They knew things were wrong and gave warnings to  patriots that enough was enough. An end to the Dark Side narrative was going forward as planned.

In 2016 something happened that the Dark Siders did not expect, the We the People movement with the spirit of Jefferson, the love of our Liberty and Freedom, voted in Donald Trump. Politicians hated him. He was not one of them. He was different. He had a passion for Liberty and Freedom. America with all it’s freedoms and liberties, its ability to let people pursue great happiness and prosperity gave him what he has. He wanted to give back to this great country that gave him such happiness and prosperity. He also had his eyes wide open. He saw the Dark Side, he recognized the Dark Siders. He ran against one of the biggest Dark Siders – Hillary Clinton. The Dark Siders had set up the election for her to win. They did not count on her losing, they had no idea the patriots had enough and wanted America to be great again – to have it restored to it’s glory. All the cheating that they could muster was not enough and Donald Trump became our 45th President.  

So out of the dust Trump emerged. He began to dissolve regulations and began rebuild America’s strength and reputation among other nations as the powerful shining beacon it had been since it’s founding.  People were proud to be American once again.

But lurking in the dark the Dark Side was working feverishly to destroy this man. They set about to knock down or block anything he did for We the People.  Those democrats that followed the Dark Side just because they were Democrat, without thinking, began to take on a sense of hate never seen before. The Dark Siders had developed a huge group of ' useful idiots'. Remember Yuri Bezmenov interview - brainwash until you have useful idiots to do your ground work. They went so far as to attack anyone that dared to say, dared to demonstrate, their approval of America becoming great again. Patriots were called Trumpsters, Trump lovers; hated for standing up to keeping, and restoring our liberties. People feared showing support of our achievements under Trump. That is how the Dark Side works – use fear. Remember this from the Marxism books and the 5th Column rules? Fear is useful.

During his 4 years the Dark Siders tried to bring him down but he had done nothing wrong, he was transparent and they hated not finding anything to bring him down. The more good he did the more they hated him. They had to do something, their great plan of global takeover was interrupted by this man. Now they had to act fast because We the People were waking up more each day and to have their plan work they had to act fast.

This brought in the virus scam. Was it a real virus? Or as some same it was fake? Most unbiased scientists say people did get sick but the virus itself was never isolated therefore, to identify it as a particular virus is so far not possible. We do know that the deaths were greatly exaggerated. Today they are dropping the statistics in most countries to the actual death rate from tens of thousands to a few thousand at most. This means the death rate is so little that people die each year of common illnesses or accidents far more than this virus. But take a look at what they created. A plandemic, yes it was planned. It was planned to use fear as the driver, forcing people to obey anything they mandated. Ordinary people quickly got caught up in the fear. The Dark Siders in political positions quickly forced the administration to make demands on the people. Locking people down, demanding they could not go near others, preventing holidays celebrated, preventing marriages, funerals or ceremonies from going as usual. Rather than isolating the sick they isolated the whole. They used the FDA, CDC, and those that abided by their guidance to rule the medical professionals; making them believe it was all scientifically factual when it was never factual. They used tests that were later proven to be completely worthless in identifying the virus to tell you if you had it. How utterly fraudulent. And they are still using it. The ordinary citizens so deceived by now haven’t a clue, they are still caught up in the fear mongering.

Then to alleviate the fears of people, thinking there was a virus out there ready to kill them,  they came up with the idea of a vaccine.  Surprisingly this was their ultimate plan all along. Make a virus so scary that the people will beg for a vaccine, that in fact, they already had planned it. In the vaccine such ingredients as graphene oxide, and nano metallic particles among other nefarious things are put in to be used to control the population. What population control? Bioweapon? Yes, the world is not as nice as you want to believe. In fact, the world as you know it is going to be shown to everyone as one of the most dark and evil places in the universe. All because of the Dark Side and the Great Deceiver.

After Trump was taken from us. Yes that was a stolen election, just like the 2016 but this time they planned on winning no matter what. They made big mistakes and as far as we know the Light Side was waiting for it and recorded it all. But why hasn’t that come forward yet? You will see – our liberties are under direct attack and it isn’t easy to fight the Dark Side and catch every one of them without very complex plans.

We are in a great war, the biggest war ever. It is a war, of good vs evil. Politics has nothing to do with this war. The Dark Side is losing, they know it. The war will be over when the people open their eyes to the horrors perpetrated on humanity. We the People, believing in all that Jefferson stood for, gaining wisdom from his writings, and living with the spirit of liberty and freedom for all; shall bring this war to an end.

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