The Jeffersonians   

The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people ... Th. Jefferson

About the Jeffersonians



Our Mission as written in 2010
It is uncanny how over a decade ago our mission statement was so accurate. I cannot say it any better today. The only message to everyone might be, "what happened? And - we better get to work as Jeffersonians and educate, wake up and inform the masses."

It is our express desire to rebuild America.  Our Constitution was given to us to protect us and be used as our supreme law. Over the last two centuries more and more changes have taken place whereas today you can hardly recognize the America our Founding Fathers built.

The time to rebuild is now. The foundation of our country is strong, our Founding Fathers were diligent in their efforts to build a republic that would withstand centuries of growth. It is a foundation that our country can be restructured upon once again. The restoration of America can and will be successful.

Our Founding Fathers foresaw the difficulties that would face future generation. Thomas Jefferson foresaw the problems that would arise with our banking institutions. He could see the collapse of the country if certain banking practices were able to take over. We are visiting those times today. We can restore America.

Jefferson believed that if its citizens were left in the dark, not informed, the government could and would take over. Corruption would surely follow an uninformed, uneducated mass of citizens. A government wishing to take control, that is power hungry would most certainly want to, desire to and try to keep the citizens uninformed, uneducated and even go so far as to misinform in order to grab power. This power is unconstitutional however should the masses not be so informed it is easy to take them over. Our mission is to educate the masses as Jefferson so strongly encouraged, in order to keep the people free.