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The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people ... Th. Jefferson

The Jeffersonian Shop

Why we use and wear products displaying patriotism?

The Jeffersonians believe that we must inform and educate the masses in order for us to keep our liberties. As you will soon realize you must evoke a reaction from others in order to begin to converse with them, such as it is with uninformed Americans.

We believe that with a few good products that Jeffersonians will use can and will evoke a response from those around us. Such responses will begin a conversation and in doing so you will find yourself able to inform and educate the masses.

Such information and education as you give shall be aimed solely at allowing the masses to discover the wonders of their liberties and freedoms so given to them through the Declaration of Independence and then secured within the Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights.

We encourage you to show your wisdom to others and show them that intolerance to those things that do not uphold your rights and liberties are justly held to be intolerable. You need to show others that being politically correct is something that demonstrates an unwillingness to uphold such things, that are realized to be belittling in natural, to the very people it pretends to be kind to. People want to be held equal and Jefferson believed that all men of America were equal amongst each other and that no man shall be oppressed. Political correctness is a method from which oppression is put upon singled out, Americans; thereby the government is going against the Constitution by doing so, for it is promoting oppression amongst an equal mass.

Pointing out even the smallest things shall open the eyes of Americans that believed the government had such rights to put upon its people laws. These small things exposed, shall bring hope that the big issues of the day shall also be exposed; thus the people shall, in a mass, demand full accountability and reversal of all things against the Constitution.


Apparel and gifts - get out there and show the world Liberty is ours! And will will fight for it.
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Copy of the Rough Draft Jefferson wrote before it was brought to the Continental Congress for their editing.

Although it was originally written on plain paper of that time, we will have it done on parchment paper for that 'feel' of old.  It contains four pages. Printed on demand.