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The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people ... Th. Jefferson

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The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse continues. Deliberation is dragging on. The whole trial has been political and for Americans who care about America this is a no win trial. If he is found innocent (as he should be) they will riot and the jury will be at risk of retaliation. If he is found guilty they will riot just for the sake of rioting and Kyle will be at risk of retaliation. The jury knows the riots will be worse and they will be in danger if they find him guilty, and they have no doubt been threatened. The jury should have been blocked from the public, their names private to protect them but we know exactly what the prosecutors are up to. The judge knows all the risks, he knows this is a sham of a trial. He should have called for a mistrial with all the evidence held back or not disclosed. It would have been the best for Kyle, best of the jury and best of all of us. Yet he did not when he had the chance today (1-17). So tomorrow the jury should be back. Tomorrow is a day we will remember. The riots will begin.




Lindsey Graham lies over and over. January 6th was a failed inserrection by the Dark Siders - Not by Trump - it was a plan to try once more to bring Trump down. But they failed. Still they continue with this fake narrative.  Who knew what the Dark Sider's plan was?Capitol police, Congressman and Congresswomen, FBI agents, how many and who were they that planned this? The truth is leaking, it has to soon flood out.

Covid deaths were greatly exaggerated and the real numbers are going to shock people. The question is why? But if you are a Jeffersonian, you know to distrust the media. Look at the drop in covid deaths.

What truths are so horrible that we have a hard time to believe? The royalties of England - what could they do wrong? They are Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses, they put on pedestals. But the truth is EVIL. You may not want to hear this, but if you're going to help clean up the evil you have to see the evil.

Windsor Castle deep in Satanic rituals and child abuse.


The news is all fearing that Biden and his handlers along with the useful idiots in Congress will be giving away up to $450,000 to illegals that were supposedly separated at the border. We know first - these people are illegally entering a country. Any other country and the best they could hope for would be trip back home but not with this fake administration. They announced they want to give up to $450,000 to them as if they were victims.

Well don't fear - Biden cannot even remember he suggested it.

Fox News announces the GOP will block it - Biden says its garbage.

Annual observation of Thomas Jefferson's birthday at Monticello on April 13, 2010, with the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corp playing music that Mr. Jefferson would have heard in his time.