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The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people ... Th. Jefferson

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By joining us you are committing to helping 'We the People' collectively to restore, uphold and make those in office [any official office] accountable for upholding the constitution in all that they do. You intend to make everyone aware of their rights, liberties and opportunities for prosperity under the Constitution. Your patriotism is in directly alignment with the Constitution. You believe in and stand by Thomas Jefferson's ideals for America.

Please take the time to register so that you may be on our list receive the latest information and be a part of the restoration of the Constitution. [your information will in no way be utilized for any other purpose but to keep you informed - your security and privacy rights are our foremost concern - that is a Jeffersonian ideal.

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  THE JEFFERSONIANS Thomas Jefferson
I _____________________, am a proud member of The Jeffersonians. I believe in the same ideals and philosophy of Thomas Jefferson; that is to keep Americans informed, for them to have a say in their government. I believe an educated republic is a free republic. I will uphold and defend the Constitution for the united States.
Membership: 2010-2011
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To Register and become a member of The Jeffersonias you will be allowed into a private area that only members may have access to. The Jeffersonian Meeting House will allow members to meet and discuss current events, how such events effect the Constitution, what can be done about restoring America, to name but a few discussions that are being held in the Jeffersonian Meeting Room.

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