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April 13, 1743



Numerous books belonging to Thomas Jefferson were discovered in the rare book section, they were identified by the marking Jefferson made in his books, putting the letter T after the I signature and the letter I after the J signature. He used the letter I because it was custom to use the the letters I and J as the same letter, from the Greek alphabet.  Signature letters on pages in books of that time were used for keep pages in order during binding.

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Written by HEATHER HOLLINGSWORTH, Associated Press    Wednesday, 23 February 2011 09:35

ST. LOUIS – Dozens of Thomas Jefferson's books, some including handwritten notes from the nation's third president, have been found in the rare books collection at Washington University in St. Louis.

Now, historians are poring through the 69 newly discovered books and five others the school already knew about, and librarians are searching the collection for more volumes that may have belonged to the founding father.

Even if no other Jefferson-owned books are found, the school's collection of 74 books is the third largest in the nation after the Library of Congress and the University of Virginia.

“It is so out of the blue and pretty amazing,” said Washington University's rare books curator Erin Davis of the discovery that was announced on President's Day.

The books were among about 3,000 that were donated to the school in 1880 after the death of Jefferson's granddaughter, Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge, and her husband, Joseph Coolidge.

There was no indication at the time that any of them had belonged to Jefferson. But it turns out that 2 1/2 years after Jefferson's 1826 death, his library of 1,600 books was sold to settle debts. Ellen Coolidge's grandfather helped oversee her schooling when she lived at his mountaintop estate at Monticello from ages 13 to 28.

She was eager to acquire some of her grandfather's books, and her husband wrote her brother-in-law, Nicholas Trist, and told him what they wanted him to buy them at the auction. They were particularly interested in books that contained Jefferson's notes or other marks.

“My dear N. – I beg you to interest yourself in my behalf in relation to the books; remember that his library will not be sold again, and that all the memorials of T.J. for myself and children, and friends, must be secured now! – this is the last chance!” the letter reads.

Two researchers began searching for what became of the couple's library last year. One of the researchers, Ann Lucas Birle, was editing a book featuring Ellen Coolidge's travel diary; the other researcher, Endrina Tay, is creating a database of Jefferson's library. They knew many of the books the Coolidge's collection might hold because the letter given to Trist survives to this day as does an auction catalog that Trist marked with the books he was able to purchase for his sister- and brother-in-law.

“These books that she wanted were books she knew and grew up with,” Tay said.

The researchers' big break came in October, when they learned the Coolidges' daughter and son-in-law had a relationship with one of the founders of Washington University and donated the books to the school. At the time, the school was less than 30 years old, and the gift nearly doubled its library.

“I think it's quite significant they ended up in St. Louis,” Tay said. “Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase.”

The school began pulling the books the researchers suggested and discovered the volumes contained Jefferson's distinctive ownership mark.

In the hand-pressed books that were common in Jefferson's day, printers would place the letters of the alphabet – called signatures – at the bottom of some pages so that when the books were bound, the pages would be placed in the correct order. One way Jefferson marked his books was to place a small “T” in front of one of the “I” signature, which was significant because “I” is “J” in the Latin alphabet. He also would place his initial “I” next to the “T” signature.

“It was a little bit of detective work,” said Anne Posega, head of special collections at Washington University Libraries.

But she said it was well worth it.

“It gives you continuity to history, that these things are still around and teaching people about Jefferson,” she said.

Jefferson scholars traveled to St. Louis last week and spent three days confirming the books had belonged to the former president. Never in their wildest dreams did the researchers think they would find the books in one place.

“I think the assumption was either they were with the family or dispersed,” Tay said. “We are happy they were kept as a collection.”

One of the most significant finds is an architectural book that Jefferson consulted when he designed the University of Virginia. Jefferson didn't write in his books as much as some of his contemporaries, but his handwriting is clearly visible in the book. In another book, they found a small scrap of paper with Greek notes in Jefferson's hand.

A few of the volumes have been placed on display, and the school is welcoming Jefferson scholars to review the newly discovered books. But the search is far from over.

The couple bought 15 other books from the auction that haven't been found in Washington University's holdings yet. The school also plans to search all the books from the Coolidge's library that were given to the school – not just those with ties to the auction – in case Jefferson gave books to his granddaughter and her husband before his death.

“We think we are going to find more treasures,” Tay said.

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We all know our immigration law, clearly it states any person or group crossing our borders by foot, or any form of transportation being in flight, rail, wheel or hoof; without express invite or permission, and having proper identification or papers thereof, has entered illegally and any person or authority finding this person or group, needs retain for processing and deported.  What does Obama, Congress and our administration not understand? I hardly believe they do not understand but they are ignoring it and allowing the illegal entry, thus hoping for a wider enslaved class, ready to vote for promises. Yet we the people, the ordinary citizens making up who our nation is, are holding the coffers from where the tyrants shall gain funds to pay off the promises.  Arizona needs our support, not just for the state rights being worthy of supporting but for all of the nation, for it is the borders of Arizona being the gateway for illegals. It needs stopping, unless you approve of Obama demanding Arizona stop; you must make your decision known. Write everywhere, anywhere, flood the media pathways. let the tyrant ruler we are not backing down.

Arizona loses against Obama the border controller

News you need to know, your rights and liberties may be dangerously threatened.


 Obama care is unconstitutional ! In every way you look at this bill, there are rights and liberties taken from the people and more authority given to the government, this bill creates a dictatorship, Marxist type control. First, you can not make a person buy anything, it is our right to buy what we want. Second, the government has no right telling us how to treat ourselves, this is the doctors' jobs, and the government has no right to end a person's life based on government budgeting. These are but two reasons we need to stop this, repeal it and begin to address healthcare in a constitutional abiding way.

Any person who respects life itself, believes the words within the  Declaration of Independence, watch this video, understand what it really being hidden from Americans (who have not read the bill) and causing all to stop the horror coming to the medical system.



Obama voices his opinion on the Mosque at Ground Zero. It surely shows where he is coming from. His view is that we must show religious tolerance and show the world that we are upholding our freedom of religion right as stated in the Constitution.

Excuse me, but we may all have a right of freedom of religion here, but that does not give us the right to build our building of worship right upon another grave sight.  That is absolutely a direct insult to another's religion that holds that ground hallow. Let us all be fair and equal, that is simply what our Constitution tells us. Fair is not when another religion imposes their rules upon another or demands another religion to give up what they believe. This is what is happening in New York.

The Muslims clearly are practicing their religion all over the U.S.; in fact, they have mosques in New York City so why have another upon Christian and Jewish hallowed soil? Clearly we can see it for what it is, a direct finger in our eyes. These Muslims are telling us who is in control and our President is right beside them.

Our Constitution does not give anyone the right to control another group. We The People are not denying these Muslims the right to worship, they can build their mosque anywhere else, just not on our graveyard of the fallen towers.

We know there are questions behind who is funding the mosque and we know some of answers to those questions would show us how directly this project is all about the Muslim nations trying to take control of America. Our President has stated publicly and in his books that his first allegiance is to his Muslim heritage and religion. He is not for America but for us to become a Muslim nation.