The Jeffersonians   

The constitutions of most of our States assert that all power is inherent in the people ... Th. Jefferson

the signing of the declaration of independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. "                   Th. Jefferson, Declaration of Independence 1776

Calling all Citizens - The most important document has been revised and penned, for our times; the re-Declaration of Independence, conceived again in the spirit of liberty. View it, sign it, take your stand in declaring our freedoms for all time.
jefferson signing

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It is our country. We the People are in control - our government, it's laws and our rights are all under our control. Who and what gives us that authority? The great American Constitution, which is our supreme law of the land, gives us the authority, power and right to make decisions on how our country is governed.

The Constitution makes it possible for us to have liberty, freedom to worship, to have the opportunity for prosperity, to protect ourselves and speak freely. We are protected under that Constitution to be able to have our freedoms always.

No one, no government office has the power to take over and make decisions that we the people do not approve. We have the right to change things when officials get out of hand, or try to take control or power where there is no control or power designated. There are provisions in the Constitution to allow us to protect us from such take overs or over controls, or power grabbers.

Jeffersonians are people that believe in the supreme law of the land and will do all they can within their powers of we the people to keep our supreme law, supreme. As Jeffersonians, we will do everything within our power to uphold and restore, if need be, the Constitution to the supreme law of the land. It is our duty to help educate We the People, of their rights, liberties and freedoms, as supremely given to us by the Constitution.

Within this site you will find information, educational documents and support that will help you educate the masses and become fully educated yourself. It is only when the masses are educated of their rights and the liberties they have in their republic, will they remain free. A free people is an educated one.

There is nothing more important than to keep America free. It is our duty, our payback to our founding fathers and all others that have given their lives by blood or sweat or heart to making it or keeping it free. It is now our turn to do our duty.



What are Jeffersonians?

Jeffersonians are named after Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, 3rd President of the United States. He strongly supported a federal government with great constraining powers, believing in the rights of the people.  His principles advocated a strict interpretation of the Constitution of the United States, calling for state and local governments to protect the rights and property of its citizens. Jeffersonians recognize private and common property, the protection of such is vitally important to them as they were to Jefferson. He wanted small government, and wanted the national government to be a reflection of the state and local governments thus he felt that if the state and local governments could establish small republics and govern therein with its local citizens then the federal government would be constantly kept in check.

To be a Jeffersonian you should hold the same philosophy as Jefferson, which is; that all men had the right to be informed, and thus, to have a say in the government. It is as said before, vitally important to protect and expand human liberties whenever you can.  Jefferson also believed that the masses needed to be educated which would in its end keep the people free, he knew the importance of education; therefore, Jeffersonians believe that the citizens have the right to education no matter what status they may have in life. If they [the citizens] desire an education it shall be made available to them, an educated republic is one that will keep itself free.

For a republic to be economically secure Jeffersonians believe as Jefferson, that an agrarian republic keeps the republic self reliant.  If the republic holds agriculture in high regard, keeping the earth productive, it keeps the people connected to its soil, its people; keeping the citizens fed and humble. While industry is important, Jeffersonians believe that no such industry should allow its people to rely upon it for its entire livelihood. It was Jefferson that believed that unlimited expansion of commerce or industry would lead to class of people that relied solely on being a wage laborer; this he feared would leave America vulnerable to political subjugation and open to economic manipulation.

Support Freedom
This is an Election Year!
Listen to the candidates, look at what they do, measure them against the Constitution; they either support it, uphold it and stand for Liberty or they do not.  Vote for Freedom, for Liberty.
A candidate that offers freebies, gives away tax money, raises taxes to support freebies, is putting you into slavery to the government, freebies for a lifetime commitment of voting his party.
How do you see yourself, a free man or a man tied to slavery?
Thomas Jefferson wanted to stop slavery, he could not let his slaves go free, they had no safe place to go; instead he treated them more like employees than slaves. It was his solution during a time when he could not change the mindset of the majority. How far have we come when the government is the slave owner to millions who are on the dole, voting a blocks just to keep the freebies, never knowing what is like to truly be free? Let us try to change it, let us try to make Thomas Jefferson's dream of no slaves a reality in America in 2012.

Before You Go

Practice your patriotism...
Jefferson was adamant about his desire to make all men able to express their religion without government interference. This meant, the Government can not interfere with what religion you choose, or what faith you have within. America was founded on religious rights, they were all strong believers in God, and wanted no Government to tell them one religion was the Government's sanctioned religion and another was not, there would be no state or federal religion. This was the true understanding of Government keeping out of the people's religious choices. Separation of Church and State meant, the Government would have no say in religion, that was fully and wholly up to each citizen.

Today we are finding the Government is very much a part of how and where we worship or express our beliefs. Our rights of religious or worship choice, are no longer, the Government has chosen for us. The Government sanctions, Atheism as their choice, and tolerate no other choice; such other expressions in public are not only frowned upon but prosecuted.

Jeffersonians need to be clear to all, we shall not tolerate our freedom of religious expression destroyed and prohibited by our present tyrannical Government.